Brickscape is a six week residency program that culminates in a public exhibition. Eight to twelve artists are selected each year to create temporary, site-specific installation art pieces in a vacant historical space in downtown Charleston, WV, with a different historical location chosen each year. Each artist is designated an area in the space in which to create their installation, with 24 hour access. At the end of the residency, the space will open to the public and the completed installation pieces will be on display for a month-long exhibition. Artists who live more than an hour away are required to reside in Charleston for the entire duration of the residency. Free housing is provided by members of the community who make their guest rooms or apartments available. Artists working in all mediums are encouraged to apply. Previous experience creating installation artworks is not required. Socially engaged or process-based artists who don’t identify with any particular medium are also eligible and encouraged to apply. Preference is given to proposals that provide an immersive or interactive environment accessible to a diverse audience. In addition, we prefer proposals for temporary, site-specific works, which are designed solely for the space in which they are created.


The proposed artwork should respond to the history and culture of the chosen location or the surrounding community of Charleston as well as the physical environment of the space in which the work will be created. Images of the space along with a brief history of the building and its past occupants can be found on our LOCATION page, while resources to help with research for ideas & proposals can be found on our RESOURCES page. 

The residency culminates in a public exhibition of the artists' work designed specifically for and within the space in which it’s created. The exhibition remains open for one month after the residency’s end, with an opening reception and several other events taking place as part of Charleston’s annual arts & cultural festival, FestivALL.  Artists are required to attend the first two days of the exhibition's opening and may make arrangements for departing Charleston on the following day (see timeline below.)  Deinstallation occurs immediately following the exhibition’s closing. For out-of-state artists whose artworks are perishable, residency staff will deinstall and dispose of all materials. However, if items or materials are to be salvaged from an installation, the artist is responsible for deinstallation and all shipping arrangements. All in-state artists are required to disentail their own artworks. 


A jury of art professionals award acceptance to eight to twelve artists. Artists are chosen based on the quality of past work, strength of proposal & artist statement, and past accomplishments. Visit our JURORS page to see who’s jurying this year’s program.


Brickscape awards a $700 stipend to each artist to cover all material and travel costs. Out-of-town artists are provided with housing. All meals and local transportation are the responsibility of the artist. Artists are encouraged to bring their own modes of transportation, but it is not required.


Artists who live more than an hour away are required to reside in Charleston for the entire duration of the residency. Free housing is provided by members of the community who make their guest rooms or apartments available. In most cases, artists will be provided a private room with shared access to a bathroom, kitchen amenities and living area. Artists staying with hosts may ship supplies to the host’s address before the start of the residency.


Unfortunately, we have decided to cancel Brickscape this year. After having several spaces fall through, Brickscape, Festivall Art Fairs and Charleston Office of Public Art made significant final efforts to find something, but to no avail. Our needs are very specific and not always easy to find. We try to find vacant historical spaces for artists to create in, but also require plumbing and electricity. Many spaces we looked at were either lacking the necessary utilities or currently undergoing renovations that would exceed beyond our start date. We met with a lot of great people who wanted to host us but whose spaces were not going to be ready on time. On the bright side, it is because of this year’s efforts that we should have several options for next year’s program. We’ll make every effort possible to secure next year’s location before the call to artists is announced. We apologize to all those artists who started preparing applications, patiently awaiting a location announcement. We hope those who were planning to apply will reconsider doing so for next year’s program.


All applications submitted by February 28th will be reviewed by a jury of art professionals. To Apply, please email the following to jackohearn1@gmail.com and pay the $15 application fee via the link provided below.

ALL application materials must be submitted in one PDF document no larger than 20 MB. 

  • 8-10 images of recent artwork with accompanying title, media, dimensions and date created. A short description of each work is optional. There is no required size or resolution for images other than that they should be of good quality, clearly depict your artwork and fit together with all other documents in a single PDF under 20 MB. 

  • Artist Statement: A brief statement about your artistic interests, influences, and direction (200 word max)

  • A description of your proposed project (300 word max). Proposals may consist of a general idea of how you are interested in working in the space and responding to the environment, or they may contain a more detailed description of a specific project. The less experience you have with site-specific installation art, the more it is encouraged that your proposal be detailed and specific. If you're proposing work for a specific area, please download the image of the area from our LOCATION page and include it in your document below the proposal. Proposals should mention specific aspects of local history or culture that will inspire your work at the Residency.